Shewangzaw has always been the top best student in all schools he attended to. With help from family friends and teachers, whom already seen his talent, Shewangzaw was able to educate himself to an operation nurse. Since a few years back, Shewangzaw works as an operation nurse at a hospital in Addis Abeba, but the salary is low.

His aim and dream since childhood is to become a doctor and help the Ethiopian people. Shewangzaw started medical school once but had to drop out due to economic reasons. Please read his personal letter, which is attached further down on this page.

In september 2013 Shewangzaw could finally start medical school again due to this fundraising.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Shewangzaw if you have any further questions.

Shewangzaw Eyasu
00251 913945216

Curriculum vitae
Personal letter