private sponsors

Here are the individuals that privately are sponsoring Education for Life. Most of you donates every month or when it is urgent to contribute.

Thank you all so much!

Hanna and Kalle Wettermark
Martin and Nina Öberg
Birgitta Stark Brough
Gunnar Öberg
Victoria Tönnberg
Anna Malmberg och barnen Elina and Albin Malmberg (som via en mattesajt skänkt nomppix)
Charlotte and Peter Gedeon
Liss Borglund
Birgitta Petrén
Barbro Bolin
Ylva Stewenius
Anna Castensson
Py Brådvik
Solvig Palm Nicholls
Magnus Lindskog
Laila Linder
Lennart Brannebo
Birgitta Wettermark
Maria Tuvesson
Eva Weibull
Karin Andresen
Kristina Simonsson
Jonny och Inger Gunnarsson
Daphne Tuvesson

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