about us

This webpage is created to arrange a collection to the medical education of Shewangzaw Eyasu. In total, the education to become a doctor in Ethiopia is, as in Sweden, six years, where the last year is devoted to internship and practical training. The education costs 16 000 SEK per year, and in addition Shewangzaw needs support for school supplies, transportations, other fees to the university and  livelihood. Therefore, the total cost for one month is approximately 3 000 SEK. This project promises that all of the collected money directly will benefit the education of Shewangzaw, which is supervised through daily contact with his family via Skype, e-mail and text messages.

The main purpose of this site is to help and facilitate the contact between the donators and its end use, as you easily can follow and see exactly how your donated money is spent. Many of us can spare 50-100 sek per month, and this will lead to that the wish of one man, to help his people, comes true. To educate a doctor that later will help people is a good way to help a poor country on its way to a more sustainable future!

Read more about Shewangzaw himself and Linnea, the founder of Education for life.